Resume/CV for Ray Pereda

Software Engineer and Engineering Manager


Notable Technical Accomplishments

  • At First American Bank used Machine Learning/FastText for detecting money laundering
  • At Molina Healthcare ran the DevOps team that automates deploy of 1200 apps using Microsoft DevOps
  • At built a geolocation service for voting districts and a distributed webhook queuing system
  • At built a scalable, distributed service for scanning financial news inspired by unix’s fgrep
  • At US Air Force worked as a tech lead on radar cross-section system used to capture Osama bin Laden (top secret/SCI)
  • At Microsoft Research wrote half the code for Icon programming language compiler and virtual machine
  • At DoD developed war planning tools used by US Joint Chiefs of Staff (top secret/SAR)
  • At Texas Instruments for 4 years shipped C compilers, assemblers, and debuggers for microprocessors and DSPs
  • During War in Kosovo developed just-in-time software for daily US military missions
  • At BP Oil setup document retrieval system at refinery for managing safety standards


  • M.S. in Machine Learning, 1997, National Technological University
  • M.S. in Computer Science, 1993, University of Arizona
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2011, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • M.S. in Computer Science, 1999, University of Texas
  • B.S. in Mathematics and B.S. in Computer Science, focused on numerical recipes, 1991
  • Minors in Linguistics and Philosophy, University and Department Honors, University of New Orleans

Security Clearances

  • Top Secret/SCI with SAIC for 5 years
  • Top Secret/SAR with JT3 and EG&G for 5 years

Tech Lead First American Trust 2019 July – 2020 October

  • Tech Lead of the Technical Data Analysis Team
  • Update banking apps in Python, Ruby, and Go that interface with relational databases and large CSV files
  • Used Machine Learning to detect anomalies in $1.4T worth of annual banking wires
  • Built dashboards of financial data for the wealth management department
  • Improved runtime from 84 hours to 25 minutes for a neural network using C++ library and golang glue code
  • Simplified a Ruby on Rails app to a static website; delivered to customer faster by avoiding MS Azure
  • Address security flaws and earned green badges from Veracode security scanning system

Software Engineering Manager Molina Healthcare 2015 March – 2019 May

  • Work on moving all apps out of company data centers to Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Run a DevOps team between 5 to 30 people that automate the updates of software
  • Shape the company’s software development workflow: agile, automated, faster release cycles
  • Make developer work viewable by project management, business users, and across developer teams
  • Proto-type installations of software tools like git, GitHub, BitBucket, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Jira, Trello
  • Develop monitoring tools of TFS installations and visualize the data for management prioritizing
  • Define of the branching strategy of version control systems used by all software teams

Software Engineer Design Science 2014 October – 2014 December

  • Worked on MathType – a WYSIWYG editor for LaTex and producing high-quality rendering of math notation
  • Responsible for creating web API for accessing the graphical rendering engine for the math
  • Departed after learning that previous engineering team had left after the death of VP of engineering

Software Engineer 2012 October – 2014 August

  • Part of 12-person team building CMS & CRM system used primarily by political campaigns
  • The primary website typically serves 5-20K request per minute; used by 600 campaigns in Nov. 2012
  • Responsible for API and webhook system; see
  • Use plain old ruby, ruby on rails, postgres, and redis; built concurrent and fault tolerant systems
  • Built a system for tracking and profiling every registered US voter
  • Test driven development using rspec and minitest; promoted to lead for code reviews of all projects
  • Put out technical fires like customer critical bugs with code fixes, emails, phone calls, screen sharing
  • Promoted API at Latin America tech conference about the company’s third party API
  • Ran mobility/CrossFit/yoga/tabata workouts every other Friday; enjoyed and dreaded by many

Software Engineer 2011 January – October

  • Part of 8-man team building core parts of an ad server running on 4 data centers, 2500 servers
  • Tech owner of the service for tracking web viewers of ads, 10 terabytes of working data
  • Migrated databases from Cassandra to Riak, a database similar to Amazon’s DynamoDB
  • Coding in Erlang with OTP libraries and QuickCheck testing
  • Distributed system built on Thrift/TCP RPC and Lightweight Event System/UDP unicast
  • Responsible for interviewing about two people per week for technical engineering roles

Software Engineer PIMCO 2010 October – December

  • Built system for evaluating mortgage backed securities at the world’s largest bond investor
  • Systems were built using Python/Django for viewing reports and aggregated statistics
  • Team of 12 people worked very closely with financial engineers for customized number crunchers
  • Most compute intensive calculation done on 200 node grid of computers interfaced via Python library
  • Used Sybase IQ for column-based calculations and Python’s NumPy numerical library

Software Engineer 2007 – 2010

  • Developed web crawling & information extraction system used by Dow Jones and News Corp.
  • Built system for converting news websites into database of articles
  • Provided 247 telephone and remote login support for Wall Street customers
  • Setup Lucene(Java) and Ferret(Ruby) search engines for new articles
  • Built real-time filtering system based the Aho-Corasick search engine for algorithmic parallel searching
  • Used ANTLR parser and StAX XML API to process the search specification and configuration files
  • Added algorithms and optimized a record linkage system (also known an entity resolution)
  • Ran weekly boot camp workouts at beach for employees; enjoyed and dreaded by many

Software Engineer University of Nevada, Las Vegas 2003 – 2010

  • Developed information retrieval and information extraction systems for Dept. of Energy
  • Specialized in problems associated with OCR document collections in English, Arabic, and Farsi
  • Created and taught computer science courses, introduction to computer programming

Tech Lead US Air Force 2001 – 2004

  • Steered the largest software project at country’s state-of-art in-flight aircraft radar testing facility
  • Prototyped message passing system that became the de facto standard across multiple locations
  • Was told years later that the core parts of the system survived 10 years of redesigns
  • Introduced Java for high performance data collection and numerical processing
  • Data was generated at the rate of 1 gigabyte per second, and coded signal processing algorithms

Research & Teaching Assistant UNLV & ISRI 1999 – 2006

  • Substitute teacher for computer science classes
  • Taught intro classes to freshman
  • Developed information extraction system on top of OCR text
  • Published research papers and reviewed other’s papers

Tech Lead 1999 – 2001

  • Managed a team of 10 developers rapidly building commercial websites with 6 month turnaround
  • Setup document retrieval systems for medical offices using Microsoft indexing server
  • Lead development of New Balance shoe company’s multi-country websites for online shopping
  • Developed Microsoft ASP and Java websites for commercial customers

Tech Lead Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) 1997 – 1999

  • Run a team of Java developers that are building tools for planning wars
  • Developed the mathematical models used for ranking targets and goals
  • Wrote two year plans for development of war planning tools used by generals and admirals
  • During the War in Kosovo created tools that created daily target lists for pilots

System Software Engineer Texas Instruments (TI) 1992 – 1996

  • Wrote compilers, assemblers, and debuggers for microcontrollers and DSPs devices
  • Worked on two-man team managing the premier DSP’s tools used in hard drives, anti-lock brake devices
  • Worked on two-man team on the Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) software tools
  • Developed on the thumb mode of ARM compiler that is electric power profiled

System Software Engineer British Petroleum (BP) 1990 - 1991

  • Managed the relational databases at the Alliance Refinery, located on the Mississippi River in Belle Chasse, Louisiana
  • Managed a document database for OSHA safety compliance
  • On-demand, on-site tech support for all information systems

Teaching Assistant University of New Orleans (UNO) 1988 – 1991

  • Graded homework and computer programs written in Ada of computer science students
  • Graded computer programs written in FORTRAN of freshman engineering students
  • Helped students with homework, COBOL programs, and in the university computer labs

Small Business Information Tech Support 1985 – 1990

  • At father’s medical office, Dr. Oscar R. Pereda, M.D., automated the paperwork
  • At Bric McMann, automated the order entry system for beauty salon apparel


  • Award at First American Bank: Machine Learning for Detecting Money Laundering
  • National Science Foundation Scholarship to University of Arizona
  • Outstanding Student in Applied Mathematics at University of New Orleans
  • Outstanding Student in Computer Science at University of New Orleans
  • WWL TV Station Spirit of Excellence at University of New Orleans

Current Technology Toolbox

  • Python, Ruby, Go; occasional Javascript/React, C/C+
  • Linux, Visual Studio Code, Bash, Azure, some AWS
  • Machine Learning, neural networks on text, NLP