Let’s find the repeated phrases in the song Mona Lisa by Lil’ Wayne.

The lyrics are here: [Mona Lisa lyrics] (https://genius.com/Lil-wayne-mona-lisa-lyrics)

There are 4 patterns with nigga:

Count   Phrase
2	think for me, nigga
4	for me, nigga
5	me, nigga
11	, nigga

There are also 3 patterns with bitch:

Count   Phrase
2	stuntin', poppin' bottles Gettin' drunk with these bitches Then when they leave they get followed
2	I be with bitches that
3	be with bitches

Then there is this super pattern: it has both nigga AND bitch:

Count   Phrase
2	:Lil Wayne] I see niggas in this bitch

I did a 23 And Me DNA test. The results show that I’m have three Africa ancestors from the 1700s. So, I can say the word nigga in comedy, songs, and movies. I’m see phrases that I can use in popular songs. I’m coming for you Lil’ Wayne. ;-)