Trump just delivered an excellent State of the Union speech. Here’s the plain text of the report.

Let’s mine for patterns for in the text. Here is a sample of the most repeated phrases. without any preprocessing. This is output of the free website

Below are handpicked phrases that catch my eye as representative of style and content.

Count	Phrase
88	we
34	will
29	American
29	I
24	Americans
24	people
24	us
18	America
11	the Congress
7	Tonight,
7	our country
5	the United States
3	the last year
2	, California,
4	asking the Congress to
3	we are going to
2	American workers and American
2	tonight, I am
2	have ended the war on
3	I am asking the Congress to

This speech is about “we” and “will”. The focus is on the future.

American and “I” are balanced with an equal count of 29 times. Similarly, “people” and “us” are balanced with an equal count of 24 times.

The next few patterns are about the time frame (“now” and “last year”). They also mention congress and American.

The longest phrase repeated more than twice is

I am asking the Congress to

The speech is to the American people but also a speech to their representatives, congress. He’s makes requests of congress.

  • to fully fund our great military
  • to fight against ISIS and al-Qa’ida
  • to pass legislation where foreign-assistance dollars only go to America’s friends
  • to address the fundamental flaws in the terrible Iran nuclear deal

All four of these focus on foreign policy.

The style is simple and the content is relevant.

These statistics are no substitue for watching and hearing the speech. I feel good to be an American.